50 REASONS why you should breed with Bonsmaras

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1 Red Cattle
2 Good Adaptability
3 Tick resistance
4 Heat resistance
5 Ideal mother breed for Commercial breeders
6 Good re-conception
7 Old cows marketable off the veld
8 Bonsmara can thrive off the veld
9 Excellent beef quality
10 Fat Deposition
11 Performs under intensive and extensive conditions
12 Good Feed Conversion
13 Early maturity
14 Ease of calving
15 Fertile cows
16 Longevity
17 Good milk production
18 Good temperament
19 Ideal carcass size
20 Superior cow efficiency
21 Ideal breed for beginners

22 Minimum breed standards
23 Credible performance testing
24 Estimated breeding values
25 Large Database
26 Comprehensive auction catalogue
27 Computers improve accessibility
28 Independent inspectors
29 Society and Council function efficiently
30 Animals screened for auctions
31 Broad minded society
32 Nation-wide club structure

33 Trained breeders
34 Enthusiastic Breeders
35 Unity amongst breeders
36 Breeders with integrity
37 International Society
38 Commercial breeders

39 Data available through research
40 Auctions under the Bonsmara Society’s Auspices
41 Reasonable prices
42 Large herds, more effective selection
43 Many phase C and D bulls
44 Many phase B and field tests
45 Excellent communication between Breeders and the Society
46 Information days
47 Modern Synthetic breed
48 Brand marked beef
49 Breeders widely distributed
50 Proudly South African

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The Bonsmara System
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